I train large corporates and consulting firms who are looking to give their team an edge over the competition.

I bring extensive expertise in developing end-to-end solutions using technology and AI. I have developed full-stack solutions and can teach your teams to 10x their impact.

I have worked in India and in Bay Area, California and have a deep understanding of how to ensure training programs make the most impact.

I have used R and Python continuously for over a decade and I deeply understand the patterns that contribute to successful projects and business impact. R and Python are the fundamental skills necessary for any data analyst, data scientist or machine learning engineer and using them effectively has a direct impact on your bottom line.

I developed a UI tool in RGtk over a decade ago for my organization all the way to developing full-stack solutions in the present using Dash, Shiny and Streamlit. What this means is that landscape is changing so fast that you and your team needs to know what technologies to choose, how to use them and how to bring them into your business practice to deliver continuous results and impact.

My training focuses on the practices that are showing results quickly. I teach how one can use techniques and approaches to extract results and insights quickly and deliver business impact. There is lots of code examples, quick case studies and practical tips and examples.

I specialize in doing very effective 1-day bootcamps. The online sessions are very engaging and the format creates a lot of different learning opportunities. For e.g., I chunk up each topic into 20 minutes after which I spend 10 minutes doing a few lightning talks on a variety of adjacent topics and ideas. This creates associations for the consultants and their recall of what was taught skyrockets.

I create an off-site like approach to training and consultants in the class are free to work together with their colleagues to deliver case study results. I conduct a mini business competition where the class can present their work to solidify their understanding of key concepts.

I teach Product Thinking for Data which is an approach that puts the consultant in the position of the business stakeholder. I help them ask WHY and contextualize their work so they can deliver maximal impact and become collaborators with their stakeholders.

My training goes way beyond teaching technology skills. I teach consultants to insist on becoming partners to their business stakeholders and using the best in class technology approaches to solve business problems.

If you wish to take your organization to the next level I am ready to work with your team.

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